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Attend Make Every Sale LIVE!

Perfect your sales, marketing, and systems over four days and three nights in this exclusive, small group immersive event.

April 22-25 in SoCal Wine Country. 

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What's Included

Sales Adjustment

You will have your sales presentations down and ready to handle the toughest sales situations you may encounter whether on the phone, in person, at an event, or even via email or text.

Marketing Adjustment

Great marketing makes selling easy. (Great selling makes great marketing possible.) Refine and hone your message so the world knows what it is you do and why they should buy from you.

Attitude Adjustment

Having the skills and ability to grow is nothing without the desire to enter the arena, compete, get banged up, and win knowing you are the best solution for your clients. You'll leave with that.

4 Days, 3 Nights + All Meals + Room* + 12 Months Support

(*Lodging is included for the first 8 to register & your guest who shares your room)

Enjoy living and learning in luxury at the Wilson Creek Manor in Temecula, CA's win country with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer® and a few of your entrepreneurial peers. This 9 bedroom mansion features private rooms and baths, a game and exercise room, stocked bar, pool, stocked kitchen, and spacious property to wander, ponder, and grow. All meals and drinks are included for all attendees, which will be strictly limited to 20 to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy and productivity.

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Greg Julie Alexander Testimonial

Small hinges swing big doors

You create exponential growth not by exponential effort but by exponential thinking and execution. Greg & Julie Alexander converted 74% of attendees in a 200-person talk when we met just 90 minutes before their talk. It was the idea—and less effort—that made the difference. Imagine what we can achieve spending four days together.  

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There Will Be A Little Technical Talk

Getting lost in the web and marketing weeds is not you as a  professional salesperson, sales manager, business owner, and/or entrepreneur are going to achieve miraculous results. But ignoring the weeds can certainly slow you down. We'll peel back the onion a bit on things such as SEO, PPC, and CRMs to make sure you're working from a solid base that can handle your new growth.




Lodging (if you're one of the first 8 to reserve your spot)

All meals

One year in The Make Every Sale Community




Lodging Guaranteed for you and one guest sharing the room

All meals

One year in The Make Every Sale Community

Fourth night accommodations (TBD)

One day small group (limit of 4) mastermind + 45 days of private support



Zach Smith

Founder - Funded Today

“Our retainers increased over $50,000 per month…Every hour spent under your tutelage was worth every single penny.” 


Laura Wrasman

Founder—Wedding Guide, Chicago

"Wes has become an integral part of our sales training. I love when one of my sales people come in and say ‘I used one of Wes' tools today and it really worked!’"


Tabitha Day Philen

Founder - Inspired Bloggers University

"I raised my prices (423%)...it's the best selling product."


Landon Ray

CEO & Founder—Ontraport

"Dude, you were born to sell!"

But Wait! There's More...

Get Away From It All

There's a reason big companies have "off-site" meetings. To change your vision you must change your location. Come to the wine country of Southern California and let the new sites and sounds awaken the giant within.

Collaborate With Fellow Pros

Your spouse, your family, and your friends don't "get" you. They love you but they're not wired the way you are. Come spend time with like-minded doers to learn from one another during meals, wine tasting, and evening "mensch bench" sessions.

Ask Questions For Clarity

This is not a lecture or a conference or even a breakout session. This is a small, intimate, extended, interactive sales, marketing, and mindset event where you are allowed and even encouraged to ask questions and engage in dialogue for clarity and growth.

Build The Big Picture

Somewhere between middle school and our mid-20's we forgot how to really dream big. It's time to look beyond the computer screen and what social media defines as "success" and make plans big enough they scare you.

Get Down To Brass Tacks

With that big dream firmly planted it's time to roll up your sleeves and make sure the next 15 minutes are effective...and the next 15 minutes...for the rest of your life. We'll cover that as well.

Build For An Entire Year

It's nice to make big plans in the supportive, comforting walls of a mansion with your new fellow-entrepreneurs. It's another thing to keep it going. You'll have support for an entire year to help ensure your success.

Start Building Your New Sales World Today.

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